Teaching tends to sweep me up. I get lost in it in a similar way that I get lost in my artwork. There are always unexpected moments, I just let them take me on the journey.  I’m constantly learning from my students and I love the bond that is created when we collaborate through a personal struggle. I believe that if you are not struggling, you are not really pushing yourself or doing something new. Embrace the struggle and go for it. I think that’s how we make new discoveries about ourselves and our work.”
— Kerrin Parkinson

K e r r i n   P a r k i n s o n
born in 1972 in Worcester, Massachusetts
BFA in Art Education, The University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth
MFA in Illustration, The Academy of Art University, San Francisco


Kerrin Parkinson is a teacher, landscape painter and a commercial illustrator living in South Portland, Maine.  She is best known for her energetic landscape paintings and her playful illustrations. Kerrin is an adventurous artist, she loves working in many styles and formats, encorporating multiple techniques.  Kerrin’s artwork is heavily influenced by Albert Bierstadt, Vincent Van Gogh, Tim Burton and Dr. Seuss.

Mother Nature is often the subject of Kerrin’s artwork. She is awestruck by it’s beauty, strength and vulnerability.  She feels empowered to share her appreciation for the esthetics and healing powers found in nature.  She hopes to remind us all how intertwined we are, sharing and depending upon this one, gorgeous planet. 

Kerrin loves creating plein air and studio paintings with oils and acrylics in various scales. She frequently layers using impasto with both palette knife and brushwork. She will often experiment with technique and approaches. “ When I work in the studio, it is more controlled. I experiment freely. I’m then able to react and create more like my authentic self when I am out in nature.”  

Kerrin’s illustration work is primarily digital, commercial illustration.  She has a distinct style of working, rooted in drawing.  She often creates her own hand drawn typefaces, assisting her clients in creating a completely unique brand.  Kerrin’s illustration work is characterized by bold contrasts and saturated colors.  Kerrin studied graphic design,
typography and calligraphy and these artforms definitely support and influence her illustrations. 

Kerrin loves teaching and she teaches students of all ages within The Continuing Studies Program at Maine College of Art.  She tackles teaching in the same way that she approaches her artwork.  She goes at it with passion, strength, humor and full commitment, always attempting to be fully relaxed and present. 



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