Artist Statement

After a lifetime of experimenting with many different mediums and styles, it wasn’t until I moved to Maine and went through an extremely difficult personal experience that I turned solely to nature and plein air painting as a driving force for my work. Using both nature and painting as therapeutical resources, has changed my artwork and life.

Living on the coast of Maine provides me endless journeys of exploration and inspiration, especially through the changes of seasons. Painting plein air throughout the entire year, I strive to capture “the essence” of each season and location I paint. I believe this is the only way to truly capture a location, to actually go there and paint, using all the senses. I strive to show these sensory elements in my paintings.

I paint in a variety of sizes and in both acrylic and oil paints, depending on the desired effect I am looking for. I bounce back and forth between a soft, subtle impressionistic realism, and dramatic abstractions of shapes and color, always working on capturing the light and the temperature in the air. A thick, “imposto” application of paint often finds its way into my works. I love layering up my paintings, attempting to create mosaics of color, texture and light.

I love knowing that an exact moment will never be repeated by mother nature and I am in it, living, breathing, capturing...